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Who should be the leader of France? Macron or Le Pen ?

All the polls give to Macron winner for this second round French presidential elections. However what would be the best president for France. Our opinion in several points, the ones that seems to us the majors for France of the next 5 years.

Macron is the only candidate to defend europe, he is even pro-European. But it is logical that the exit of europe would be a disaster for France which is a country enormously dependent on the other European powers in all markets. Macron simply wants to give it an important place to France in this europe, in short take the place of the united kingdom, recently released from the EU.

Immigration :
Marine Le Pen focuses on the subject of the ideas of his father, the founder of the « Front Nationnal » party, which is a nationalist idea, the defense of « French people » against immigrants who « steal their jobs » Committed in France. Macron once again defends the ideals of France, globalization, cosmopolitanism and diversity, which have been the strength of France for centuries.

housing :
Once again the candidate of the National Front proposes for the social housing « to reside » to the « French people » that is to say, to leave the immigrants of these houses, and even exclude them of the country, and without distinguishing of the reasons of immigration of the housed. The candidate of « En Marche » proposes the construction of a large number of social housing, in knowledge of the need of many immigrants who come to France for reasons of persecution, poverty and precariousness in their country, ranging from To the risk of ruin on the death of these immigrants

Finally, it seems obvious that Macron is the best choice for France


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