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The Matrix

The Matrix tells us a story of a young man who is « like everybody » named Mr. Anderson, which lives in an unpleasant world (the current world as its presented) for him. This man suspicious that something goes wrong in this world.

In his research of the hidden truth of this world, he encounters Morpheus (we remark that this name comes from Greek’s mythology and means « The shaper of Dreams »). Later, this man reveals to our hero that the world he knows is only an illusion.
and he offers him to discover the real outside world by taking the Red Pill, or to go back to his daily routine by taking the blue pill.
After that, Mr. Anderson wakes up as Neo, and he becomes enlightened, he « sees the light for the first time » as he said, and discovers that this fictive world is called « the Matrix » and is ​​a prison, particularly a prison for the humans’ spirit.
In fact, in this prison world, humans abilities are limited for everyone, excepted those who are enlightened, Neo then understands that the 3D physical world named « The Matrix » is a world under control.
And with this revelation, he « wakes up » his now open mind (enlightened), and he is able to defy the laws of physics as he knows it (gravity, strength, speed …) in fact, he can control the matrix, so he becomes a superman in this Matrix, which means that si « anybody » man, becomes Neo (Neo which means the new one, but which is also an anagram of ONE which means THE ONE).

The Film Matrix is ​​a film intended to open the minds of humans on their conditions, because they are stuck in a scheme enforced by the rich and powerful one.





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