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Is free money (basic income) a good idea?

What is Basic Income ?

Basic income is an income of existence that everyone receives without conditions. All citizens regardless of age. Unemployed, full-time or part-time workers, retired. This universal basic income is cumulative with other income from wages to pension. This income would replace certain aids to avoid duplicates such as the RSA, APL, or the family quotient. For the amount, it is necessary to take as reference point the RSA, which is the minimum income for a single person without resources : That is to say 525 euros.

We could notice that the candidate for the presidency Benoit Hamon has integrated it into its program.

The National Council of the digital evoked in a report to increase basic income to 1,000 euros per month. A mere madness for some economists.

Where does this idea come from?

An allowance for all, without consideration and jugement. The freedom for everyone. Work would therefore become a choice for everybody. This is an old idea, to make no difference between people, and to give them resources to live, or survive. It is found in the brain of the English philosopher Thomas More in the sixteenth century.

Nobel prize-winner of the American and liberal economy Milton Friedman defended it in the 1960s. Marx also defended this universal income in a world where workforce will be replaced more and more by machines. The idea made its way in the 1970s with the first oil shock and rising unemployment. This idea is rising with the digital economy. According to a recent report in France, 42% of the jobs could be made by machines. Not only handicrafts but also intellectual tasks. For its defense, universal income is an effective weapon against mass unemployment and misery. however, against him, the basic income encourages the slackers, and destroys the work’s value.


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